2021-2022 Catalog Vol. 82 
    Nov 30, 2023  
2021-2022 Catalog Vol. 82 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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MUEN 1131 Jazz Combo

CIP Code: 500903

Credit Hours: 1
External Hours: 2

Contact Hour Total: 32

Jazz Combo is designed to help students develop the skills necessary to perform proficiently in a small jazz ensemble. The course covers amount other subjects, performance technique, stylistic considerations, basic arranging, and basic improvisation. Smaller instrumental ensembles: wind, string, percussion, piano, or lab (jazz, rock, fusion, or contemporary).

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Perform with technical proficiency assigned repertoire presenting good tone quality, rhythmic accuracy, correct stylistic articulation and expressiveness.
  2. Demonstrate listening and psychomotor skills to balance ones sound within the section and the ensemble.
  3. Prepare and present assigned music accurately while incorporating rhythmic subdivision, tone quality, range, articulation and dynamic control.
  4. Perform improvisations on the student’s main instrument with technical proficiency.
  5. Employ direction from instructors in rehearsals and performance.
  6. Render music with appropriate stylistic consideration commensurate with compositional era.


Prerequisite(s): Students must audition at the beginning of the semester to gain admittance into the ensemble. Students should be a member of the Blinn College band program although exceptions can be made.

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Lower Division Academic Course Guide Manual (ACGM) course

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