2021-2022 Catalog Vol. 82 
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2021-2022 Catalog Vol. 82 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Leadership and Activities

Student Activities

Each student’s college experience should be enhanced with activities that contribute toward individual growth. Blinn College seeks to provide opportunities that meet each student’s needs and interests through a wide range of co-curricular activities. These activities are not separate and apart from academic life, but complement the curriculum, serving to broaden the horizons of each student.

Student organizations encompass a wide range of interests. Their focus is to enhance opportunities which aid in the development of leadership, decision-making, social skills, self-esteem, and professional growth.

Each organization is advised by a member of the professional staff who assists the students in planning their projects and activities. Participation in certain student activities requires enrollment in a credit course and, in some cases, tryouts and/or approval by the instructor. Included in these categories are the Buccaneer Band, cheer, chorus, dance, intercollegiate athletics, publications, and the stage band.

Faculty advisors and club members are financially responsible for any expenses incurred and should maintain accurate records of their funds. A financial report is requested by the Director of Student Leadership and Activities at the end of each semester.

All fundraising activities by clubs and organizations must be approved by the administration via a Fundraising Proposal Request Form. Clubs or organizations are not allowed to solicit for funds off campus without permission from the Director of Student Leadership and Activities.

To spend allocated funds from approved club and organization budgets, club advisors must submit a written purchase request to the Director of Student Leadership and Activities for a budget code and signature. Requests are then forwarded to the appropriate offices for signatures and approval and returned to the club advisor.

Buccaneer Band

The Buccaneer Marching Band (Brenham campus) consists of 125+ members from as many as 60 area high schools including the Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas-Fort Worth area. Performances include home football games, select away games, exhibition performances at regional, area and state U.I.L. marching contests and hosting the annual Buccaneer Marching Festival. The marching band includes a Wind Symphony, Symphonic Band and Jazz Ensemble. The bands perform several on-campus concerts, tour throughout southeast & central Texas, host an annual jazz festival and music meet and annually place more students in the Texas Community College All-State Band than any community college in the state.

The band program is open through audition to all students with experience in a high school band. Substantial scholarships are available through the audition process to all members including color guard. On-campus audition and a recommendation from the students’ high school director are required. Audition material is to consist of region tryout etudes, and/or class one U.I.L. solos plus sight reading. Music majors make up approximately 50% of the total band program, and the scholarships are awarded equally to all majors based on musicianship and availability of funds at the time of the audition. For complete audition arrangements contact the Director of Bands (979) 830-4652 or see our website at www.blinn.edu Brenham campus, Visual and Performing Arts, Buccaneer Band.

For complete audition arrangements contact the Director of Bands (979) 830-4652 or on-line www.blinn.edu Brenham campus, Fine Arts, Buccaneer Band etc.

Blinn College Percussion Studies and Steel Drum Band

The Percussion Studio at Blinn College strives to attain the highest possible performance standards while helping students experience a diverse array of percussive performance outlets. Students at Blinn have the opportunity to perform in drumline (The Mothership Connection), steel band, percussion ensemble, jazz band, wind ensemble, symphonic band, and marching bands. All students, not just music majors, receive private instruction that assists each student in attaining their individual artistic goals.

The Blinn College Percussion Ensemble (BCPE) performs several full-length concerts per year, including past performances at a Day of Percussion, Drumline Exhibitions, and as invited guests at area high schools. BCPE strives to present a variety of percussion ensemble styles ranging from classical transcriptions, to marimba orchestra pieces, commissioned works, and standard chamber music repertoire. Each Fall the college also have a full drumline, known as the Mothership Connection, that supports the marching band and plays solo performances.

The Blinn College Steel Band (BC Steel - Beyond Caribbean) in an ensemble made up of members of the percussion and instrumental music program. As a smaller combo style steel band focuses on learning the traditional styles and techniques. Music includes traditional Caribbean music in addition to arrangements of classical and contemporary music for steel drum ensemble. No previous steel pan experience is required, simply a willingness to learn.

Whether music is just a passion or a future career there is an outlet for your musical talents at Blinn College. Former percussion music majors have been accepted into four-year institutions including the University of Texas, the University of North Texas, Baylor University, Texas Tech University, Texas Christian University, Sam Houston State, Texas A&M Commerce and Kingsville, University of Houston, and West Texas A&M among others. For information regarding the percussion program or to schedule an audition please contact Dr. Sarah Burke by phone at (979) 830-4015, or through email at sarah.burke@blinn.edu.

Kappa Kappa Psi

Blinn College is proud to have the Iota Sigma Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi, national band service fraternity on the Brenham campus. Members of the Blinn College Band Program are eligible to rush and become membership candidates for Kappa Kappa Psi in the fall semester each year. Kappa Kappa Psi provides service to the band through activities such as weekly field painting, providing water at games, serving as load crew for trips and providing social activities for band members. An active member of the Iota Sigma chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi may continue their active membership at their transfer university through advisor approval.

The Blinn College Treasures

The Blinn College Treasures dance team is an exciting group that performs at Blinn College athletic events, pep rallies, college and community events, as well as at a number of other special events. This team of student-athletes demonstrates their support for the Buccaneer and Lady Buc athletic teams with energetic and entertaining performances. They are more of a dance team rather than a drill team. During football season performances consist of field jazz and pom. During basketball season, the team’s style is a combination of jazz and funk. Each person who makes the team receives some level of scholarship funding. Contact the dance coach for more information at 979-830-4264.

The Choir Program

Blinn College has one of the largest choral programs in the state, with five separate choirs. Choral Union, is open to all students. This choir offers members the opportunity to sing a variety of large and small scale choral works with the community chorus, known as the Brenham Chorale. The other four ensembles are auditioned groups - a mixed ensemble known as the Blinn College Camerata Choir, a select Women’s Chorus, the Opera Workshop/Musical Theater Ensemble and the Select Choral Ensemble in Bryan . Each of these choirs present at least one major performance each semester and also participate in community outreach and recruitment events. Scholarships are available to students who participate in two or more ensembles, and are offered after a brief scholarship audition with the Director of Choirs and Vocal Studies. Not all choir students are music majors, and choir scholarships may be awarded to students majoring in any subject. For more information, contact the Director of Choral Studies (979) 830-4239 (Brenham); (979) 209-7580 (Bryan).

The Blinn College Cheerleaders

The Blinn College Cheerleaders are an exciting group that cheers at Blinn College athletic events, pep rallies, college and community events, as well as at a number of special events. The members of the squad are well respected on campus as student-athletes striving to support the Blinn College athletic program. Scholarships are available to those who qualify and cover tuition, fees, and use of books. Tryouts are held in April and for more information please contact the cheer coach at 979-830-4264.

Dramatic Productions

The Theatre Arts Program offers a quality educational foundation through study, application, and experience. A wide range of performance and production studies combined with Blinn’s outstanding reputation as the state leader in transferring students to top four-year institutions paves the way for success in an exciting entertainment career. In the Theater Arts Program at Blinn, students apply their knowledge each year in four or more dramatic productions, two musical theatre ensembles, and hosting local, regional, and national presentations. Trips and tours enhance the experience as students enjoy a variety of professional plays and musicals, often with scheduled artist talkbacks. Scholarships are available to qualified students and are awarded through an audition process. Contact the theatre arts director for complete details at (979) 830-4269 (Brenham); 979- 209-7244 (Bryan).

Speech and Debate Team

The Blinn College Speech and Debate Team is an open group that represents Blinn College at a variety of competitions across the state. Students need no previous experience- just an interest in preparing and presenting original material. Events include but are not limited to individual prepared addresses, oral interpretations, limited preparation events, and parliamentary debate. Email Kathryn Kelly or Betsy Stoltz at kathryn.kelly@blinn.edu and elizabeth.stoltz@blinn.edu for details and information.

Meetings are Tuesday evenings at 7pm in H220 (Bryan Campus)

Photography Club

The Blinn Photography Club (Bryan Campus) functions as a student organization where students that have an interest in photography can come together. Led and run by students, this creative group experiences a wide range of activities that include official Blinn photo shoots, portfolio discussions, techniques and setups, as well as film and darkroom developing. Photo club is closely tied with the Blinn photography classes, thereby giving club members access to professional equipment reserved for studio photography lessons. Advanced photography techniques in digital photo manipulation and creative exposure are shared in weekly meetings. Photo club often morphs according to the photo experience of its current members and student leadership. For more information on the Photography Club please contact (979) 209-8255.

Intramural Sports

The Blinn College Athletics department offers an intramural athletic program. A well-organized and administered program provides opportunities for students, both men and women, to enjoy scheduled competitive, informal athletic activities.

Intercollegiate Sports

Blinn College offers intercollegiate competition in football, men’s and women’s basketball, baseball, softball, and volleyball. The college is a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) and competes in the Region XIV Athletic Conference and the Southwest Junior College Football Conference. For information concerning participation and scholarships in these sports, contact the Director of Athletics or the head coach of the specific sport by FAX (979-830-4032) or visit the web site www.buccaneersports.com

Brenham Campus & Open Recreation and Employment

The Blinn College Campus Recreation program seeks to provide quality recreational opportunities, intramural sports and activities , athletic facilities and services to a diverse student, faculty and staff population of the Blinn College system and to encourage healthy lifestyle choices and positive social interaction within the Blinn College community. Campus Recreation at Blinn College includes Open Recreation - where students are able to utilize athletic facilities for pick-up game competition and personal improvement, Intramurals - students compete against other Blinn College students in a variety of sports that changes throughout the year. Employment - campus recreation typically is one of the largest employers of student workers on campus. Campus Recreation averages over 10,000 participations every semester! Now it is your turn. Come out and play!!!

Blinn College has several facilities available for the general student population to utilize in recreational pursuits. The Heineke Gym is open most weeknights for basketball, volleyball, dance and other uses. s, Frisbees and more. The Boehm Weight Room (name of facility may be changed prior to publication) is open most weeknights for students to pursue their personal fitness goals. The weight room has free weights and cardiovascular equipment including ellipticals, treadmills, stair steppers and bicycles. There are also several outdoor facilities for use including sand volleyball courts, tennis courts, basketball court, walking track and intramural field.

Blinn College Campus Recreation is one of the largest employers of students on campus. Employment opportunities exist as student supervisors in the Heineke Gym and Boehm Weight Room. Other opportunities exist for students who have experience or would like to learn to officiate many of the team sports offered through the intramural program. Applications must be made online at http://employment.blinn.edu and students are welcome to speak with the Campus Recreation Director when they apply.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association is organized to provide a student-directed structure within which students have opportunities to develop and promote responsible leadership through serving as a liaison between the students of Blinn College and the College administration, by serving as the collective voice of the student body, and to foster a sense of community on campus. The Student Government Association collaborates with the Office of Student Leadership and Activities to support and oversee the campus’ clubs and organizations and by hosting and co-hosting events and activities for the students. Blinn College provides a Student Government Association on the Brenham, Bryan, Schulenburg, and Sealy campuses.

These Student Government Associations are composed of officers elected by the student body. All elected officers must complete a minimum of twelve (12) semester hours per semester and maintain a permanent grade point average of 2.75 each semester. All appointed officers must complete a minimum of six (6) semester hours per semester and maintain a permanent grade point average of 2.50 each semester. The President of the Student Government Association must always carry a 2.75 GPA and complete a minimum 12 semester hours on the Blinn Campus. First-semester first-year students are exempt from the grade point average for the semester only. Failure to meet this guideline shall result in disqualification from office. The students are represented on the Student Government Association by members-at-large and delegates from the student organizations. The officers provide leadership services to and foster cooperation between the organizations.

Procedures For Establishing Student Organizations

  1. Students interested in forming a campus organization will identify seven or more potential members and a Blinn advisor. The Director of Student Leadership and Activities or will approve the appointment of this individual.
  2. The group will write a proposal and submit it to the Student Government Association for review.
  3. The president of Student Government Association will assign a standing committee to examine the document. Having reviewed and agreed upon the content of the proposed constitution, this committee will recommend the document to the membership of the SGA as a whole.
  4. Having been reviewed and approved by the SGA, the constitution is then submitted to the Director of Student Leadership and Activities.
  5. Once approved by the Director of Student Leadership and Activities, the proposed constitution is sent to the Vice Chancellor for Student Services for review and recommendation.
  6. The final approval for the establishment of the organization will rest with the Blinn College District Chancellor.

Registered Student Organizations

An organization in which membership is limited to students, staff, and faculty may become a registered student organization by complying with the registration procedures established by the Vice Chancellor for Student Services.

Registered student organizations shall abide by College District policies and procedures and applicable law. Registered status shall not imply that the College District endorses a student organization’s opinions and activities.

Registration Required

An eligible group of students shall be entitled to register as a student organization. Approval for registration of an organization on any one campus or center shall be effective College districtwide.


A group shall be eligible for registration if:

  1. Its membership consists of seven or more students.
  2. It does not deny membership to anyone on the basis of sex, disability, age, color, race, nationality, or religion.
  3. It has an advisor who is a member of the faculty or the staff.
  4. It is not under a disciplinary penalty prohibiting registration.
  5. It conducts its affairs in accordance with College District policies, procedures, rules, and regulations; as well as with local, state, and federal laws.
  6. Its membership is limited only to students, staff, and faculty of the College District.

Rejection of Application

If the Vice Chancellor for Student Services does not approve the application for registration, he or she shall provide the applicant with a copy of a written statement of the reasons for refusal and the applicant may appeal to the Blinn College District Chancellor.

The Blinn College District Chancellor may take one of the following actions:

  1. Affirm the Vice Chancellor for Student Services decision.
  2. Reverse the Vice Chancellor for Student Services decision.
  3. Appoint a committee to conduct a hearing and report its findings to the applicant and the Blinn College District Chancellor, who shall then take final action.

The Blinn College District Chancellor’s decision may be appealed to the Board of Trustees.

Rights and Duties

Each registered student organization shall adopt a written charter, constitution, or other governing document. A copy shall be filed with the Blinn College District Office of Student Leadership and Activities.

A registered student organization may conduct meetings, events, performances, and similar activities in accordance with College District facilities use policies and procedures. [See FLAA] The organization shall not advertise, promote, or represent that an event or activity is associated with the College District unless prior approval is obtained in accordance with applicable procedures. [See FK]

A registered student organization may distribute written or printed materials or other visual or auditory materials in accordance with College District literature distribution policies and procedures. [See FLA] The organization may not represent that visual or auditory materials are sponsored by the College District unless prior approval is obtained in accordance with applicable procedures. [See FKA]

The purpose and/or functions of a student organization must not duplicate those of an existing recognized student organization. This requirement, however, is not applicable to an organization with religious or political purposes and/or functions as declared in its constitution.

In accordance with state law, officers of a registered student organization shall attend a risk management program provided by the College District.


Only currently registered students shall be eligible for active membership status in student organizations. All other persons, including former students and community members, are not eligible for membership. Furthermore, non-currently registered student attendance at sponsored meetings, events, performances, and similar activities is prohibited unless approved in advance by the Student Leadership and Activities Office or by the Vice Chancellor for Student Services.

Required Submissions

Each registered student organization shall submit the following:

  1. At the beginning of each semester, a complete list of officers or other representatives of the organization who are authorized to receive official notices, directives, or information from the College District on behalf of the organization. The list shall be kept current and accurate by the organization.
  2. At the beginning of each school year, a list of proposed travel requests for approval to the Student Leadership and Activities Office.

Advisor Responsibilities

All student organizations require the appointment of a college faculty or staff member as an advisor. Multi-advisor involvement in student organizations is encouraged, however, advisors are only permitted to serve in the role of advisor for two student organizations per one academic year.

Advisors are expected to provide counsel in regard to the nature of the student organization, guidance, and accountability to ensure the organization is abiding by its constitution. Furthermore, advisors should be actively involved with the activities of the organization and are charged with creating a positive and cohesive environment for all. Advisors are expected to attend all student organization meetings, whether they be on campus or off campus.

The advisor is responsible for ensuring that all activities and events are approved in accordance with established procedures set forth by the Vice Chancellor for Student Services. Furthermore, the advisor will oversee the finances of the student organization and will approve all requests for organizational deposits and expenditures. Final approval for funding or deposit requests is done by the Director of Student Leadership and Activities.

College faculty and staff who aspire to be an advisor for a student organization must be approved by the Director of Student Leadership and Activities. Once approved, advisor performance is reviewed on a yearly basis. Lack of performance may result in removal from advisorship.

Loss of Registration

Upon written notice, a student organization’s registered status may be revoked by the Vice Chancellor for Student Services and/or the Director of Student Leadership and Activities if it:

No longer meets the eligibility requirements; or

Violates College District policies and procedures or local, state, or federal law.

Upon determination that the organization is no longer fulfilling the purposes and/or functions described in its constitution.

A student organization whose registered status has been revoked may appeal to the Blinn College District Chancellor, who may take appropriate action regarding the issue. If the organization is not satisfied with the decision, it may appeal that decision to the Board of Trustees.

A student organization whose registered status has been revoked shall be prohibited from reapplying for registered status for a period described in the revocation notice. The prohibition shall be for a period of not less than four months following the date of the notice and may be permanent. The revocation shall be effective College districtwide.

College districtwide.

Disciplinary Violations

In addition to the revocation of registered status, violations of College District policies and procedures or local, state, or federal law shall subject the student organization and its individual members to disciplinary action in accordance with policies FM and FMA, and Blinn College Board Policy FKC (LOCAL)

Blinn Organizations Include

Blinn College Student Government Association, Brenham

Blinn College Student Government Association, Bryan

Blinn College Student Government Association, Schulenburg

Blinn College Student Government Association, Sealy

Honor Societies

  • Delta Psi Omega, Brenham
  • Kappa Kappa Psi, Iota Sigma, Brenham
  • Phi Theta Kappa, Alpha Phi Lamba, Bryan
  • Phi Theta Kappa, Beta Alpha, Brenham
  • Psi Beta, Bryan
  • Sigma Kappa Delta, Brenham
  • Sigma Kappa Delta, Bryan
  • National Society for Leadership and Success, Bryan

Professional Organizations

  • Agricultural Mechanics Club, Brenham
  • Blinn College American Chemical Society, Bryan
  • Agricultural Club , Brenham
  • American Dental Hygienist, Bryan
  • Blinn College Nursing Students Association, Bryan
  • Blinn College Vocational Nursing Students Association, Bryan
  • Blinn College Veterinary Technology Student Association, Bryan
  • Emergency Medical Services Student Association, Bryan
  • Future Registered Nurses, Bryan
  • Legal Assistant Student Organization, Bryan
  • Medical Education Development Society, Brenham
  • Physical Therapist Assistant Association, Bryan
  • Psychology Club, Bryan
  • Radiology Technologist Association, Bryan
  • United States Institute for Theatre Technology, Brenham
  • Engineering Club
  • NAACP, Bryan
  • AV Club, Bryan

Religious Organizations

  • Baptist Student Ministries, Bryan
  • Baptist Student Outreach, Brenham
  • Blinn Christian Fellowship, Bryan
  • Wesley Foundation, Brenham

Student Organizations

  • Blinn College Veterans Association, Bryan
  • International Student Organization, Bryan
  • Science Club, Bryan
  • Service Clubs
  • Blinn Allies, Bryan
  • Blinn Art Club, Bryan
  • Powerlifting Club, Bryan
  • Project Blinn, Bryan

Social Clubs

  • Blinn College International Student Organization, Bryan
  • Students for Concealed Carry On Campus, Bryan
  • Choir Club, Brenham
  • Distinguished Gentlemen, Brenham
  • Gaming Coalition, Bryan
  • Refined Ladies, Brenham
  • Chess Club
  • Yoga Club

Campus Clubs, Honor Societies and Organizations

Agricultural Club

The Blinn College Agriculture Club is open to all students interested in any agricultural sciences related field, including but not limited to; agricultural mechanics, livestock evaluation, plant sciences or degree of animal science. The club’s purpose is a service organization aimed at helping agricultural related events such as; judging agricultural mechanics shows, livestock judging competitions, assistance at county and state fairs, and any community involvement centered towards agricultural related areas.

The Blinn College Agricultural Club meets bimonthly. It is a club designed to promote professionalism and leadership among agriculture students. Membership is open to students majoring in an agriculture related field.Agricultural Mechanics

The Blinn College Agriculture Mechanics Club is open to all students interested in engines and automobiles. Its purpose is to promote agricultural mechanics courses and other agriculture courses in area schools. Activities include field trips, the Homecoming Fall Car Show, an end-of-school project, and the Spring Antique Engine and Car Show.

Baptist Student Outreach

Baptist Student Outreach (aka BSO), a student led organization, is a family of students in which students can stretch their Christian witness and ministry to others. The BSO at Blinn is a cooperative ministry of the Baptist General Convention of Texas, The Independence Baptist Association, and Blinn College. BSO is a Christ-centered fellowship composed of students who want to expand their relationship with God and other people.Blinn College Lions Club

The mission statement of the Blinn College Lions Club is to create and foster a spirit of understanding among all people for humanitarian needs by providing voluntary services through community involvement and international cooperation. Membership is open to Blinn students in good academic standing. The Blinn College Lions Club is a service club dedicated to serving those in need while enjoying fun and fellowship with each other. As a member of the Blinn College Lions Club, you are a member of Lions Club International with all the rights and privileges.

Choir Club

This organization directs its activities toward the promotion of: the Blinn College Choral Organization; social events for members, Blinn College, and the community; spirit within the school; and an interest in music and the related arts. Membership is open for all Blinn students enrolled in Chorus, Choral Ensemble, and/or vocal study; and anyone interested in music performance with approval by the advisor.

Chess Club

Distinguished Gentlemen

The purpose and objectives of this social organization shall be to unite African American males in a collegiate environment; to educate students about the culture and heritage about African Americans; to enlighten educational, social and political awareness in the African American community; to inspire service in the public interest.Delta Psi Omega

Delta Psi Omega is an honorary dramatic society. The organization is open to those students maintaining a high standard of work in dramatics and those interested in the college theatre. The goal of the club is to enable college students to have the opportunity to maintain a high standard of work in the dramatic arts.

Engineering Club

The mission of the Engineering Club is to promote scholarship, develop leadership and professionalism, and cultivate fellowship among students within the engineering discipline.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

The vision of Blinn’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes is to see Blinn impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of athletes and coaches. Meetings are held weekly to build fellowship, study God’s word, and build character as student-athletes facing the challenges of navigating the world of college sports.

Kappa Kappa Psi

Kappa Kappa Psi is a national fraternity for college and university band members. Its purpose is to promote and encourage band-related activities on campus and to honor outstanding band members. Membership is open to members of the Blinn College Band who have a “C” average or above.

Medical Education Development Society (Health Science)

The MEDS Club objectives are to be of service to the Blinn College campus and to the local community including Brenham and Washington County, to promote fellowship and high standards of scholarship among the students, and to promote a better understanding of medical and health careers among the members. MEDS is for students interested in the health profession. Activities include speakers, field trips, and service opportunities. All students interested in a career in any health area are welcome. Speakers include doctors, nurses, physical therapists, physician assistants, depending on the interests of the club members that semester.

Mu Alpha Theta

Mu Alpha Theta is a national honor society in mathematics for the junior college student. Its purpose is to stimulate interest in mathematics by providing public recognition of superior mathematical scholarship and by promoting various mathematical activities. Initiation is held in the spring.

Naturalists Club

The Blinn Naturalists are concerned with environmental issues and problems. The main goal is to raise awareness of environmental issues on the Blinn campus. Membership is open to all students. Activities include speakers, seminars, educational trips, and service projects such as collecting aluminum cans on campus.

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa is recognized as the official honor society for two-year colleges by the American Association of Community Colleges. PTK promotes scholarship, leadership, service, and fellowship among its members. To be accepted, students must carry at least a 3.5 grade point average with at least 12 transferable hours.

Sigma Kappa Delta

The purpose of the organization is to stimulate interest in the English studies by providing recognition of superior English scholarship and by promoting numerous opportunities for developing skills in the study of English and in creative and analytical writing.

United States Institute for Theatre Technology

This organization promotes and represents the interest of students in the technical theatre field through organized activities and events held at Blinn College also sharing educational experiences in technical theatre.

Blinn Future Vocational Nurses

The purpose of the club is to provide a forum for students’ expression, provide education in the prevention of illness and to promote and provide quality health care. The membership is open to students enrolled in vocational nursing at Blinn College.

Yoga Club

Yoga Club offers yoga practice through teacher instruction and/or workout videos. Blinn College students, faculty and staff are invited to attend. All participants must sign a waiver before participating.

Wesley Foundation

The Wesley Foundation aims to make a Christ-filled difference in the lives of college students by spreading the word of God, striving to help any and all in need, and grow a strong bond with all students within the organization. All are welcome.

Brenham Student Center

Normal operating hours for these facilities during the regular school semester are as follows. Hours are subject to change as necessary to meet the demands of the students and follow the holiday schedule of the college.

Operating Hours:

Student Center:

Monday-Friday, 7:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m.


Saturday, 8 a.m.-7:00 p.m.


Sunday, 12:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m


Meeting Rooms: The Conference Center and the Banquet Room are available by reservation only through the office of Director of Student Leadership and Activities. Clubs, Organizations, and college departments may reserve space using the online “Facility Request Form” located on the Student Leadership and Activities website: https://www.blinn.edu/student-leadership-activities/facility-request-form.HTML


The Blinn College Student Center on the Brenham campus was completed in 1990 and occupies 60,000 square feet. The building serves as the principal social and recreational area for students. Students can spend their leisure time enjoying refreshments, conversation, club meetings and entertainment.

Social Functions

Official campus organizations may conduct social functions in the Student Center. The Activity Request Form must be submitted and approved by the Director of Student Leadership and Activities or designee in advance. The proposed function must be approved by the organization’s advisor prior to submission to the Office of Student Leadership and Activities and attendance by an advisor of the organization is required. Reservation of space in the student center requires that all steps of the Activity Request Form be completed (Brenham).


The Director of Student Leadership and Activities is responsible for maintaining appropriate decorum in the Student Center. The use of the Student Center is available only for students who conduct themselves in an acceptable manner.

All students using the center are expected to help keep the building clean. Appearance (dress) guidelines, rules, regulations, student code of conduct, procedures, and policies established by Blinn College and published in this handbook should be followed by all students. Blinn College personnel, clubs and organizations, and any outside groups using the student center are subject to all rules, regulations, procedures, and policies established by the college.


The Student Center houses various facilities including the bookstore, the dining hall, mailroom, game room (table tennis, billiards, video games), meeting rooms, conference room , and banquet room. Offices located in the building include the: Bookstore, Student Leadership and Activities, Food Services, Mailroom, Police Department, and athletics.

Lost and Found

The office of Student Leadership and Activities serves as a lost and found center. An item found on campus should be turned in to the Student Leadership and Activities office promptly. Valuable items should be turned into the Campus Police office. Likewise, also inquire about lost items in the same office. Residence hall and apartment students should report losses and thefts immediately to their Residence Hall Director or campus police.


Blinn College provides a mailroom located in the Student Center on the Brenham Campus. In all written correspondence, students should use the P.O. Box number and college address for their return address. Stamps may be purchased in the mailroom. Mail is picked up by the U.S. Postal Service Monday - Friday at approximately 4 p.m.

The Blinn College student mailboxes may be used by clubs to distribute information that has been approved by the Director of Student Leadership and Activities. Individuals may not use these boxes for mass or commercial distribution.

Operating Hours: Monday-Sunday , Student Center Operating Hours. Mail Delivery: Monday-Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. , Package pickup hours are posted outside of the mailroom and subject to change.

Student Elections

Students can elect the student government president and vice president in Brenham. Candidates must carry at least 12 semester hours and have a cumulative grade point average of 2.75. Applications are available in the Office of Student Leadership and Activities in the Student Center. Students who are on disciplinary probation are ineligible to serve.

Bryan Campus Student Center

The Student Center on the Bryan Campus, building F, houses the following services and facilities: Student Leadership and Activities, Student Government Association, Block and Barrel (food services), the game room (F-140), and a large banquet room (F-120). The hours of the Student Center are as follows:

Monday – Thursday: 8:00am – 8:30pm

Friday: 8:00am – 5:00pm

Saturday/Sunday: closed

Lost and Found

The office of Student Leadership and Activities serves as a lost and found center. An item found on campus should be turned in to the Student Leadership and Activities office promptly

Revised 7-25-2020