2022-2023 Catalog Vol. 83 
    May 26, 2024  
2022-2023 Catalog Vol. 83 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Blinn College Applied Sciences Programs Alignment to Targeted Occupations

The Texas Workforce Commission defines “Target Occupations” as high-growth, high-demand occupations. Local Workforce Boards determine these occupations based on local and economic wisdom, guidance from stakeholders, and available occupational training. Economic data, including labor market trends and conditions, allows employers and community members to make informed decisions about workforce resources in the area.

SOC Occupational Title Median Hourly Wage Preferred Education Blinn College Applied Sciences Programs Awards
  Educational Services
25-2021 Elementary School Teachers, Except Special Education $22.25 Bachelor Academic pathways
25-2022 Middle School Teachers, Except Special & Career/Technical $22.32 Bachelor Academic pathways
25-2031 Secondary School Teachers, Except Special & Career/Technical $22.60 Bachelor Academic pathways
  Construction and Extraction
47-2031 Carpenter $16.17 Certificate Under review for delivery
47-2073 Operating Engineers & Other Equipment Operators $20.80 Certificate Workforce Education Program
47-2111 Electricians $19.59 Certificate Workforce Education Program
47-1011 Supervisors of Construction Trade $28.52 Certificate Program in development
47-2152 Plumbers, Pipefitters, & Steamfitters $18.23 Certificate Under review for delivery
  Healthcare Practitioners & Technical
29-1141 Registered Nurse $31.10 Associate Nursing AAS LVN Transition Option AAS
29-2052 Pharmacy Technicians $14.67 Certificate OSA in Pharmacy Techician Workforce Education Program
29-2021 Dental Hygienists $29.68 Associate Dental Hygiene AAS
29-2055 Surgical Technologists $19.78 Certificate Surgical Technology Certificate
29-2061 Licensed Vocational Nurse $19.64 Certificate Vocational Nursing Certificate
  Office and Administrative Support
43-3031 Bookkeeping, Accounting, & Auditing Clerks $19.83 Certificate Accounting AAS Accounting Technology Certificate
  Transportation and Material Moving
53-3032 Truck Drivers, Heavy $19.35 Certificate Workforce Education Program
  Installation, Maintenance, & Repair
49-9041 Industrial Machinery Mechanics $23.04 Certificate Workforce Education Program
  Protective Services
33-3051 Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers $23.98 Certificate Basic Peace Officer Academy Certificate
51-4121 Welders, Cutters, Solderers, & Brazers $19.22 Certificate Welding Technology AAS Basic Welding Certificate Welding Fundamentals Certificate Workforce Education Program
51-4041 Machinists $19.63 Certificate Workforce Education Program
  Computer & Mathematical
15-1151 Computer User Support Specialists $23.32 Associate N/A
15-1132 Software Developers, Applications $36.80 Bachelor N/A
  Life, Physical, & Social Science
19-4021 Biological Technicians $18.29 Bachelor Therapeutics Manufacturing AAS Therapeutics Manufacturing Certificate Therapeutics Manufacturing Advanced Technical Certificate
19-4041 Geological & Petroleum Technicians $24.52 Associate N/A
  Healthcare Support
31-9091 Dental Assistants $14.51 Certificate N/A
31-2021 Physical Therapist Assistants $34.97 Associate Physical Therapist Assistant AAS
31-9092 Certified Medical Assistant $18.58 Certificate Workforce Education Program
11-1021 General & Operations Manager $51.00 Bachelor Business Administration & Management AAS Hospitality Management Certificate Small Business Management AAS Small Business Management Certificate

*43-6011 is a combined median with SOC code 43-6014. 43-6011 usually requires more training and technical knowledge than 43-6014.

The targeted occupation list above is used for the purposes of identifying what training under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) the Workforce Center may approve for eligible customers pending funds availability and what training programs the local Board may certify for the TWC training provider certification system. Key elements for consideration were high growth, high demand occupation within the Board Region; a wage of no less than $14 per hour; training must be completed within 2 years (for those occupations requiring a Bachelor degree only the last two years may be paid for); and there must be ten or more openings per year. The target occupation list was created using The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) analysis programs and local Board knowledge of economic conditions in the region. TWC does limit the number of occupations a Board may have on its targeted occupation list. Published October 2016.