2019-2020 Catalog Vol. 80 
    Dec 10, 2019  
2019-2020 Catalog Vol. 80
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PHYS 1401 College Physics I

CIP Code: 400801

Credit Hours: 4
Lecture Hours: 3
Lab Hours: 3
Contact Hour Total: 96

Fundamental principles of physics, using algebra and trigonometry; the principles and applications of classical mechanics and thermodynamics, including harmonic motion, mechanical waves and sound, physical systems, Newton’s Laws of Motion, and gravitation and other fundamental forces; with emphasis on problem solving. Lab activities will reinforce fundamental principles of physics, using algebra and trigonometry with an emphasis on problem solving. Prerequisite(s): MATH 1314  and MATH 1316 , or MATH 2312, or MATH 2412  or Divisional Dean approval.
Lab Fee: $24.00
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Lower Division Academic Course Guide Manual (ACGM) course

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